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CN CodeDescription 1211 1213
1212.00.00.00Locust beans, seaweeds and other algae, sugar beet and sugar cane, fresh, chilled, frozen or dried, whether or not ground; fruit stones and kernels and other vegetable products (including unroasted chicory roots of the variety Cichorium intybus sativum) of a kind used primarily for human consumption, not elsewhere specified or included
1212.21.00.00- Seaweeds and other algae
1212.21.00.00- - Fit for human consumption
1212.29.00.00- - Other
1212.91.00.00- Other
1212.91.00.00- - Sugar beet
1212.91.20.00- - - Dried, whether or not ground
1212.91.80.00- - - Other
1212.92.00.00- - Locust beans (carob)
1212.93.00.00- - Sugar cane
1212.94.00.00- - Chicory roots
1212.99.00.00- - Other
1212.99.41.00- - - Locust bean seeds
1212.99.41.00- - - - Not decorticated, crushed or ground
1212.99.49.00- - - - Other
1212.99.95.00- - - Other
1212.99.95.10- - - - Bee pollen
1212.99.95.20- - - - Unprocessed whole, ground, milled, cracked, chopped apricot kernels intended to be placed on the market for the final consumer
1212.99.95.90- - - - Other

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