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artificial flowers foliage and fruit

Heading 6702 does not include artificial flowers, foliage or fruit, of pottery, stone, metal, wood, etc., obtained in one piece by moulding, forging, carving, stamping or other process, or consisting of parts assembled otherwise than by binding, glueing, fitting into one another or similar methods

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Künstliche Blumen, Foto siehe Anlage, - in Form von Nachahmungen von Rosen, - mit Blütenblättern aus rot gefärbten Zuschnitten aus laut Antrag pflanzlichen Stoffen, - mit einem Stiel aus mit Papier umwickeltem Metalldraht, - durch Binden, Wickeln und Stecken in Blumenbindetechnik zusammengefügt, - mit einer Höhe von ca. 13 cm,- neun Stück sind als Set in einer Schachtel verpackt."Künstliche Blumen, aus anderen Stoffen als Kunststoff"
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[1]. DEBTI33969/21-1#746453

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Assortment of goods, consisting of an artificial flower and 100 toothpicks, so-called. 100 toothpicks in flower holder, item no. -No. 731681, photo see attachment, presented for retail sale, assembled to meet a specific need, according to the application: - artificial flower, - - in the form of a replica of a water lily, - - made of three interlocking elements made of plastic (thermoplastic elastomers), forming the petals, - - the petals are inserted into a hollow "bulb" made of plastic (polypropylene), - - the individual elements of the artificial flower are made by inserting them using the flower binding technique, - - the dimensions: approx. 6.5 cm (width) x 5.5 cm (height) x 7 cm (depth), - toothpicks (other goods made of wood), - - rounded wooden sticks, sharpened on both sides (100 pieces), - - with a length of approx. 6.3 cm and a diameter of approx. 0.2 cm, - - loosely inserted into the artificial flower, - the artificial flower determines the essential character of the set of goods according to the scope and its importance in relation to the use. "Artificial flower, made of plastic".
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[1]. DEBTI28098/21-1#738140

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