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HTS Code for backed aluminum foils

Product :
backed aluminum foils

Sample products for "backed aluminum foils"

CN Code :
Aluminum adhesive tape According to the information provided, the goods presented are a flat product made of an aluminum alloy with a thickness of 0.045 mm. The product is coated on one side with acrylic adhesive, with an adhesive cover made of plastic film, on a roll with a width of 48 mm and a length of 50 m. The product is used for repairing, sealing and covering metallic surfaces such as aluminum or copper. The goods are to be classified under subheading 7607 2090 of the Combined Nomenclature as another foil made of aluminum, on a backing, with a thickness (without a backing) of 0.021 mm to 0.2 mm.
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[1]. DEBTI23136/21-1#753109

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