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beverage bottles and water bottles

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These are almost cylindrical drinking bottles made of stainless steel, which are equipped with an external thread on the bottle neck to accommodate a screw-off plastic cap with a closable drinking opening. The lid has a seal, a drinking straw attached to the inside, either made of plastic or rubber, and a loop made of textile attached to the outside. The products are packed together with a printed paper blank with safety instructions (goods of low value) in a transparent plastic film and a printed cardboard box. Capacity: approx. 800 ml. - Applicant's details - See attached image. The character of the products made of different materials is determined by the stainless steel due to the importance for the use and the volume. Such articles are classified as "other household articles of stainless steel" in subheading 7323 9300 of the Combined Nomenclature.
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[1]. DEBTI5601/22-1#762251

CN Code :
The product is available as a 12-corner plastic drinking bottle with screw lid, which is equipped with a triangular handle, which is also made of plastic. The handle is removable when the screw cover is unscrewed. The lid has the shape of a flat diamond which contains a silicone sealing ring. The bottle has a volume of 450 ml. It is stated that the product must be used as a bottle for drinking and can be used as temporary storage of liquid etc. The bottle itself consists of PET plastic (Polyethylene terephthalate), while the lid consists of PS plastic (Polystyrene) with a sealing ring of silicone. The handle is made of PE plastic (Polyethylene) The bottle is available in different colors: The dimensions of the bottle are: H: 15, 5 cm and D: 8 cm
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[1]. DKBTI19-0634881#655521

CN Code :
Glass drinking bottle, so-called glass bottle, art. No. 3254 to 3260, photo see attachment, - in the form of a composite product in different colors, consisting of: - a cylindrical container: - - of clear, ordinary glass, - - with a screw thread at the top, open end, - - with a diameter about 6, 5 cm and a height of about 22 cm, - - without evidence of manual glass removal, - a removable cover with integrated seal: - - made of plastic, - - with a hinged, lockable cover of the drinking nozzle, - - with a hinged carrying handle, - - with an integrated semicircular sieve made of plastic, - a cover made of plastic: - - shaped like a holder with recesses, - the container made of glass determines the essential character of the scope and its importance in relation to the use - not classified under heading 7010, since the goods are used for the provision of drinks and are not normally for sale or transport packaging is used. 'Glassware for similar purposes as table or kitchen use, other than that of heading 7010 and 7018, not of glass ceramic or lead crystal, other than that specified in subheadings 7013 2210 to 7013 4999, not handmade'
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[1]. DEBTI40082/19-1#654207

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