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bike cranksets

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Crankset, so-called crankset, item no. : 320009 photo see attachment, - incomplete crankset (without bottom bracket); However, it already has the essential characteristics of a complete crankset, - consisting of: - a chainring with a diameter of approx. 15 cm with a five-arm crank star made of aluminum, with a screwed, right crank arm made of aluminum with a length of approx. 16 cm and a maximum width of approx. 3.5 cm, - - a left crank arm made of aluminum with a length of approx. 16 cm and a width of maximum approx. 3.5 cm, - - two fastening screws, - is attached to trailer wheels, - according to additional information: - - sent from the PRC, - - without approval of a customs procedure with economic significance / end use in the context of an anti-dumping or anti-subsidy measure (Annex A Column 8c of Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/2446) according to Article 14 a) to c) Reg. (EG) No. 88/97, - due to the conception and the objective features (including shape and dimensions) recognizable for the main use on vehicles of Chapter 87 immt, - no goods with code number 8714 9990 89 0, as the goods are an incomplete crankset. "Part for bicycles of heading 8712, crankset, other than that specified in TARIC code 8714 9630 10"
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[1]. DEBTI38996/21-1#752344

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