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Marine navigation instrumentInstrument for reading underwater formations, fish etc. in combination with plotting of routes and positioning on the lake. The product is intended to be mounted aboard boats to navigate in fairways and find to / from fishing spots, ports etc. It is a composite product consisting of sonar and satellite positioning (chart plotter). Everything is mounted in a common housing in addition to the sonar sensor which is mounted under the boat. The instrument consists of a 7-inch LCD monitor, control buttons, memory card reader (for charts, etc.) and built-in GPS receiver. The dimensions of the main unit are approximately: 240 x 135 x 62 mm. Both tasks are deemed to be equally important while the donor makes the product a functional unit.
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[1]. SEBTITV-2019-04353#640778

The tariff classification of a Navigational Plotter from Korea. It is a flat piece of printed plastic about 13 inches long with a semicircle projecting out on one side. The long edge is marked in Nautical and Statute miles and the semicircle is marked in degrees. From the instructions with the sample, “Navigational Plotter Instructions Use your plotter to determine the true course (TC), the total distance of your flight, and the distance between each checkpoint. Place the small hole in the center of the protractor section over a meridian (line of longitude), and then align either the bottom or top edge of the ruler section with your course line….” With the device in place, the heading in degrees and the distance in miles can be read directly from a standard aeronautical navigation chart. The device is not used to draw lines and is of use only for navigation purposes.[1]


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