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contact lens case

Please importantly note that, there are contradicting HS Code classification for contact lens cases made of rigid or molded plastic. Sub-heading 3926.90 is chosen in some EU Binding Tariffs as seen in the sample products below. However, there are many US Customs ruling decisions classifying such items under sub-heading 4202.39. You may refer to US Ruling HQ 965266 (detailed in the sample products below) which clearly explains why headings 3923 and 3926 are not chosen for the classification for contact lens cases made of rigid or molded plastic.

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There is a contact lens case of plastics as defined in Note 1 to Chapter 39. The approximately 6.2 x 3 x 1.7 cm merchandise consists of two round, equipped with screw chambers for receiving the contact lenses and a special liquid for cleaning or disinfecting contact lenses (not part of this BTI). Such products are tariff classification as "other goods of plastics (CN) recorded 3926 1000-3926 9092 other than by the subheading 'queued.
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[1]. DE17351/14-1#405866

CN Code :

[1]. GB118737259#352132

HTS Code :
The article at issue, item FDA 510K, is a contact lens case constructed of molded plastics. The case is designed, shaped, and fitted to provide storage, protection, organization, and portability to one pair of contact lens. It has two twist-off caps. The article is a form of a spectacle case.[1]


HTS Code :
The subject merchandise is a container used for the storage of contact lenses when the lenses are not worn. The merchandise is manufactured of molded plastic and measures approximately 1 inch wide, ½ of an inch high and 2 ¼ inches long. A contact lens is intended to be stored in each side of the container. The merchandise has two caps, labeled “L” and “R”, which screw onto the base of the container.

Heading 3926, HTSUSA, provides for “[o]ther articles of plastics and articles of other materials of headings 3901 to 3914.” The EN to heading 3926 indicate that the heading is the basket provision for plastic articles not described more specifically elsewhere in the tariff schedule. Customs finds that the plastic article is not classified in heading 3926, HTSUSA, because the contact lens case, which is specially shaped and fitted to hold contact lenses, is more specifically described in heading 4202, HTSUSA, for the reasons set forth below.[1]


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