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The merchandise under consideration is the Q-See Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera and Chime, model QCA8081B-N, which is primarily used for video surveillance. This composite machine contains a built-in microphone, a night vision camera with a 140 degree wide angle lens, chimes, 2-way talk, and a motion detector. The camera can capture “real time” video images and transmit them to a mobile device. The camera can also record the video images internally onto a micro SD card. Moreover, this merchandise will allow one to see who is at the door, as well as communicate with the person at the door, from anywhere by use of a mobile application. It is the opinion of this office, that the surveillance camera provides the principal function of this composite machine.[1]


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The merchandise under consideration is the Vivint Outdoor Camera and Vivint Doorbell Camera, both of which are designed to be used as part of a home surveillance system. The Vivint Outdoor camera is installed outside the house, to surveil specific outdoor areas. The subject Outdoor Camera has a 4k HD sensor and a 140° field of view. Moreover, the subject camera can capture and record digital still images and video onto its microSD card internal memory. These images are transferred via a Wi-Fi network to a display or smartphone, so that “near” real-time video can be viewed and recorded remotely. The Vivint Doorbell Camera is designed to be installed at a user’s door. This Doorbell Camera has a 1080p HD with a High Dynamic Range image sensor, and a 180° x 180° field of view. Moreover, this camera captures and records video and still images of surveillance events onto its internal microSD card and the eMMC memory. In addition, when an individual pushes the doorbell on the camera, it chimes like a regular doorbell and sends a notification to the user’s smartphone alerting the user that somebody pushed the doorbell. The subject Doorbell Camera also includes two-way talk functionality. The video clips recorded are stored in a video file in MP4 format and still images are recorded in JPEG format. It can also transmit these images to a smartphone or other devices to view and record the images remotely. It is the opinion of this office, that the surveillance camera performs the principal function of this composite machine.[1]


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