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facial skin masks

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Prepared beauty products; Facial masksThe goods are non-woven cosmetic face masks. The face masks have recesses for the mouth, nose and eyes and are applied to a blue applicator fleece. They are soaked with skin care products (declared content: 33 g per mask) and are intended to moisturize, matt and clean the facial skin for 15 minutes. The face masks are each packed in a colorful printed composite packaging and made up of three pieces for retail sale in a colorful printed cardboard carton. The product is to be classified under heading 3304 of the Combined Nomenclature as another preparation for skin care, put up for retail sale.
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[1]. DEBTI26245/17-1#587094

HTS Code :
F4454 Vitamin Mask Moisturizing is stated to be used for moisturizing normal, dry, or dehydrated skin. You indicate that product F4454, also called the Herbalife Nutrition Moisturizing Vitamin Mask, and Herbalife Vitamin Moisturizing Mask in your documents, is packed with essence containing a vitamin complex, Aloe Vera, and a proprietary blend of various extracts, chemicals, and fragrances. F4456 Vita Derma Mask Firming is stated to be for normal to dry skin. You indicate that the Derma Firming Mask, also called Herbalife Nutrition Vita Derma Firming Mask and Herbalife Vitamin Firming Mask in your documents, is a serum-rich mask, containing a vitamin complex, Aloe Vera, and a proprietary blend various moisturizers, chemicals, and other nutrients. It is made with ultra-fine microfiber. F4457 Vitamin Mask Brightening is indicated to be used for “normal, dry, or dull skin that needs extra boost of radiance.” It is also called the Herbalife Nutrition Brightening Vitamin Mask and Herbalife Vitamin Brightening Mask in your documents. It is enriched with (in-part) essence containing a vitamin complex, Aloe Vera, and a proprietary blend of various chemicals and nutrients. It is used for skin radiance and nourishment.[1]


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