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CN Code : 9506.91.10
Lt. Application information is a device for general physical training in the form of a foldable electric treadmill, so-called "Treadmill HOME RUN" (dimensions when folded approx. 163 x 65 x 133 cm; weight approx. 58 kg; colour: blue or light grey) , essentially consisting of a treadmill driven by an electric motor (running area approx. 120 x 42 cm) and a front panel with side handles. Sensors for measuring the heart rate are integrated into the handles. The front panel has a touch display for the display (e.g. distance, calories, number of steps, time, heart rate) and operation as well as a so-called smartphone and tablet holder. The device also has a "music system" (Bluetooth stereo speakers) and a USB charging socket. The treadmill operates at speeds between 1 and 12 km/h; Program and speed specifications for different loads can be set via the touch display. Devices of this type are used for physical exercise z. B. used in apartments, hotels and fitness centers. The treadmill is a character-giving part of the assembled product. The electric treadmill is packed with an instruction manual in a cardboard box. The goods are classified as "equipment for general physical exercise, not elsewhere specified or included in Chapter 95, not covered by subheadings (CN) 9506 1110 to 9506 7090, exercise equipment with variable load adjustment system".
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[1]. DEBTI32550/21-1#743509

CN Code : 9506.91.10
It is an approximately 212 x 76 x 110 cm (L x W x H) large treadmill with a weight of 145 kilograms, which is equipped with a frame with 2 handles. The treadmill is designed for speeds of 0.5 km / h, 20 km / h designed the device is intended for general physical exercise, and is used by running on the moving belt. The product is "for adjustable resistance device for general physical exercise, with system" to be classified as....
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[1]. DE22280/11-1#281774

HS Code : 9506.
VACULIFE AC DUAL TREADMILL TREADMILL: A motorized treadmill consisting of a treadmill, infrared heater, vacuum effect mechanism and a closing skirt and LCD control screen in a capsule with a height of 170 cm, a length of 253 cm, a width of 89 cm and a weight of 200 kg.
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