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HS Code for air curtains without heater

Product :
air curtains without heater

Sample products for "air curtains without heater"

CN Code :
The air curtain The product is placed above the door that connects to the refrigeration / freezing room to create a curtain of air that prevents hot air from entering the room and mixes with the cooled air. Air curtain with cross-flow fan, EC motor and integrated stepless control (0-10V) Motor voltage: 230V ~ Control / motor current: 1, 15 AM power: 0, 165 kWMax air flow: 1950 m3 / hThe product has no heater.
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[1]. SEBTITV-2019-07635#662234

CN Code :
WING air curtain (model: C100, C150 or C200) without a heat exchanger, designed to create an air barrier in rooms by generating a working medium in the form of a dynamic air stream protecting against the penetration of cold air into the heated building or the flow of warm air into air-conditioned facilities and cold rooms. The energy of the air stream generated by the curtain fan creates an air barrier (an invisible air wall) that prevents air from flowing between environments with different thermal conditions. The curtain creates a boundary between two temperature zones. The curtain consists of a radial fan with an electric motor (single-phase AC in 3-speed version and EC with electronic speed control system), used to blow the working air stream, placed in a common casing. Depending on the model, the curtains are used for doors with a width of 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m. Fan electric motor power (AC): 180, 220 and 320 W, and (EC): 150, 180 and 260 W. Fan efficiency, depending on the type of curtain, is 1950 m3/h, 3200 m3/h and 4600 m3/h. Curtain weight: 23 kg, 31 kg and 47 kg.
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[1]. PLPL-WIT-2017-00625#558129

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