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aluminium work platforms

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It is an approximately square platform made of steel, with a high, peripheral edge, on two sides with a railing, on one side with a hinged door and on one side with a hinged wire mesh. On the underside of the platform there are drainage openings, driveways for receiving a fork-lift truck and four wheels with running surface made of plastic or rubber. The so-called working platform can be lifted by means of a forklift and serves as a platform for working at a certain height. Dimensions: about 120 cm x 100 cm x 200 cm (L x W x H) - Applicant data -Illustration see attachment. The nature of the products made of different materials is determined, in particular, by the importance of their use and the size of the steel. Such products are included in TARIC code 7326 9098 90 as 'other than steel products specified in the abovementioned TARIC codes'. Not falling within heading 8431, other than those of fork-lift trucks and other than machines of the Represent ABS XVI.
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[1]. DEBTI27637/19-1#653595

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These are collapsible, mobile platforms essentially made of steel, consisting of a powder-coated frame in which work platforms can be hung on two heights and widths, a full-width safety balustrade and four feet. The work platforms have a max. Capacity of 150 kg and are equipped with two air-filled wheels. Overall dimensions: about 1400 mm x 785 mm X 1350 mm. - Applicant data -Implementation see attachment. Such products belong to TARIC code 7326 90 98 90 as 'other than steel products specified in TARIC codes 7326 11 00 00 to 7326 90 98 40'.
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[1]. DEBTI21178/18-1#582002

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