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anti theft labels

Sample Products for "anti theft labels"

CN Code : 8505.11.00
Goods security labels (product code 155005011), (see picture), - with several metal strips embedded in a flat plastic case (55, 8 x 11, 2 x 1, 9 mm) 10 mm) with adhesive foil and barcode label, - after magnetisation for triggering an audible and / or visual alarm upon insertion into the signal field of an acoustomagnetic anti-theft alarm system. "Permanent magnet, or goods intended to become permanent magnet after magnetisation, of metal, not covered by TARIC codes 8505 11 00 10 to 8505 11 00 75;
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[1]. DEBTI40315/19-1#644807

CN Code : 8531.90.85
Anti-theft labels (see Appendix Figure),
- from a round plastic body with a resonant circuit (capacitor and coil)
and a round plastic body with two filled with colored ink cartridges and
a Sicherungßtift metal
- after attachment to goods (by plugging the two components) for
triggering an audible and / or visual alarm when introduced into the signal field of a burglar alarm system or
to discoloration of the secured goods at
willful removal of the labels .
"part, solely intended for electric sound or visual signaling apparatus,
still not assembled, anti-theft label"...
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[1]. DEM/1473/09-1#71592

CN Code : 8534.00.90
Printed circuit (see Appendix Figure),
- from a self-adhesive insulating support of paper, printed with a coil, a capacitor
and conductors,
- for use EAS label for anti-theft
to transportation purposes. applied to a release paper.
"printed circuit traces and other passive elements"
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[1]. DEM/5740/08-1#63171

CN Code : 8523.59.91
An RFID (radio frequency identification) transponder in a plastic housing, features-as stated-the following appearance and technical characteristics: - an integrated circuit or microchip with 88 bit memory where passwords, company information, and identification keys rise or set to , - an antenna (coil), - acting on a radio wave of 134.2 kHz - passive components such as resistors, capacitors and inductors - a weight of 0.4 grams. The transponder is intended to be used for wireless communication useful in, among others registration, identification of animals and anti-theft of motor vehicles....
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[1]. NLRTD-2009-001190#369899

CN Code : 8523.52.00
Anti-theft security chip "Fujitsu RFID Tag WT-A533", consisting essentially of a waterproof silicone laundry label (55 x 10 x 1, 6 mm) with glued-in RFID inlay, consisting of an antenna coil and an integrated circuit (microchip). The passive RFID tag according to standard protocol GEN2, without further active or passive components, is intended as an information carrier with recorded identification code for use as identification medium (theft protection in the field of textiles, frequency range approx. 865 to 928 MHz). The goods are classified as "Semiconductor record carrier, smart card, not a commodity code number 8523 5200 00 1". Plant: 1 Figure
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[1]. DEBTI42520/18-1#620347

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