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battery management systems

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So-called battery tester, essentially consisting of a housing (approx. 125 x 50 x 19 mm) with six LEDs for displaying the state of charge, a two-pole connection cable (length approx. 40 cm) with two pole terminals and other electrical and electronic components (see figure in the plant). The device is used to check the state of charge of 12 V car batteries. It is offered in a blister pack. The goods are classified as "Apparatus for measuring or checking electrical quantities (voltage) without a register, other than those specified in subheadings (CN) 9030 1000 to 9030 3320".
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[1]. DEBTI20855/20-1#692413

CN Code :
Battery tester - a device that allows you to check the state of charge of batteries and accumulators. Battery consumption is measured by contacting the + and - poles of the battery / rechargeable battery with the metal terminals of the tester and reading the measurement result on the pointer display. The product is intended for testing batteries: AA (R6), AAA (R3), R14, R20, (CR) 1.5V and (R9) 9V batteries. The meter does not have its own power supply, the tested batteries are a voltage source. Tester dimensions (in cm): 11 x 6 x 2, 5.
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[1]. PLBTIWIT-2022-001081#784777

CN Code :
The so-called. Battery control device in the form of a product assortment for retail sale consists essentially of a battery charge level indicator incl. An electric hour meter, six blade receptacles, two plastic nuts and a metal bracket with three holes and a manual ("de minimis rule"), which are packed together in a cardboard box. The battery charge level indicator represents the character determining portion. The device essentially consists of a cylindrical housing, on the front of which a charge level display with ten LEDs and an LCD operating hour display is mounted. On the back there are six tab connectors and two screw threads for mounting. This device can be installed in various electrical devices using the enclosed parts, where it indicates the state of the battery status and counts the operating hours of the respective device at voltages of 24 or 48 V.. The product is classified as an "electronic device for measuring or checking electrical quantities (voltage) excluding meters of heading 9028, other than those mentioned in HS subheadings 9030 10 to 9030 33, with registration device".
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[1]. DE1425/17-1#572623

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