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calcium silicon alloy

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When a wire filled with Ca: Si 25-35%: 55-65% Fe: 8-12%? is designated product is a manufactured by folding, flattened steel tube which is filled with a silver-gray granules and powder of different sized grains. Untersuchungsergebniße the filling (ferro-alloy) with a grade of about 53 Ght of silicon (Si), 37 Ght calcium (Ca), 7 Ght iron (Fe), and interests in aluminum (Al) and other elements. Total weight = 126 g; ferro silicon calcium: 68 g corresponding to 54% of the total weight. The product is used for the specific treatment of metallurgical melts in foundries and steel mills. The content is wrapped for better control and protection of an iron pipe. The pipe itself is used as a wrapping (special type of packaging) and is considered irrelevant to the classification. The content of ferrosilicon calcium predominates by weight over each of the other mixture components. After this a major part in tariff is for a different ternary ferro alloy. (Picture attached)
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[1]. AT2011/000016#207207

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Ferro silicon calcium According to the data analysis and target is, the article is a ferro alloy with grain sizes 10-50 mm and 0.1 - 1,6 mm. According to analysis, the target composition is as follows: silicon (Si): 50 - 60% calcium (Ca):
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[1]. DE7970/12-1#271039

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