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car window sunshades

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Window covering, called "Window Sox" photo see attachment - specifically tailored and sewn together panels made Spinnstoffgewirken, - at the bottom with an elastic band and two velcro straps (each with a counterpart to stick to the inside of the car door) provided - with its dimensions of 68 x 48 cm, - is considered as a sunshade on the rear windows of a car and is always specific to a particular car model tailored - one above the trains packed in a polybag for retail sale - recognizable accessories for motor vehicles of headings 8701 to 8705 - no Karoßeriezubehör because it is at the side (not framed) window panes for which the coatings are determined not to be a part of the body. "Accessories for motor vehicles of headings 8701 to 8705 (Window Sox), not of the subheadings 8708 9910-8708 9993 sensed"...
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[1]. DE10548/11-1#228826

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Sunshade with rectangular shape and dimensions of 110 x 60 cm, consisting of a plastic layer (40%), a layer of cardboard (50%), coated on both sides by aluminum foil and edged around the edge. It is designed to be placed on the windshields of vehicles leading corners rounded, save a cutout for the rear view mirror two velcro straps and three elastic loops. It is used to protect vehicles from the sun....
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[1]. ES-2013-000327-0127/13#325182

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