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central processing units

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According to the description of the applicant and the photo published in the database, the product is a computer processor (also known as a microprocessor or central processing unit). It is made of a semiconductor material and is placed on the motherboard of the computer. A processor is that electronic integrated circuit of a computer that performs the instruction set of a computer program by performing arithmetic, logic, or data input / output operations, as specified by the program. It is the main element of a computer system. It controls the activities of the entire system in which it is integrated and processes the data provided by the user. Physically, it comes in the form of a hybrid electronic integrated circuit, which has, in addition to the processor itself, a series of active and passive circuit components. The processor is usually very complex and can hold millions of transistors.
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[1]. ROBTI2022/003877#767874

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According to the applicant and the documentation submitted is a combination water cooler PC microprocessor.
Combined cooler consists of three parts:
1 / pump, which is its area in direct contact with the upper part and a microprocessor-controlled speed and power from the motherboard according to the temperature of the microprocessor
2 / rib - passive components
3 / copper tubes and cores with liquid. The liquid transfers heat and in the form of steam is diverted into the top of the radiator, where it is cooled by a fan. The water after cooling flows back into the kernel.
Fan not included.
Dimensions: 37.5 x 12 x 15.5 cm (HxWxD).
Weight: about 2 kg.
Import-Export from / to China and Taiwan.
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[1]. CZ05-0448-2009#72779

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