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collages and similar decorative plaques

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Collage in the form of a decorative, rectangular, flat, flat picture (size approx. 20 x 2 x 40 x 5 x 0, 4 cm x H x D) with a textile hanger loop consisting of a wood chipboard completely clad in black spider fabric , To which are attached a rectangular frame and the underlined word "AFRICA" made of white paper, as well as a cut in the form of the African continent (including the island of Madagascar) consisting of beige-brown vegetal material (according to the application form: banana leaf). There are two painted giraffes, a zebra and a narrow outer edge of paper, as well as a painted tree crown with an intimate foliage made of small strips of vegetable material. The product is classified as a "collage".
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[1]. DE2219/16-1#509102

CN Code :
The collage-like decorative picture - rectangular, with the printed motif "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt from 1909 on a base, - with applied by hand on the base gemstones (amethyst, jade, jasper, opal, peridot, mother of pearl, Pink sodalite, ruby, black spinel) and a likewise applied by hand 24-carat gold plating, - in limited edition of 777 pieces, - framed behind glass, in a frame according to type and value of the frame. The product is to be classified as a "decorative sculpture resembling collages".
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[1]. DEBTI23115/18-1#583966

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