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construction sets and constructional toys

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Switches, chips, photoresistors, diodes, motors, switches, chips, photoresistors, diodes, motors, which are necessary to perform nearly 100 different experiments, which are suitable for use by 8 years old and above, make it easy and fun for students to learn basic engineering, electronics and circuit concepts practically by using structural components with snap fasteners. It is a non-interactive educational game set that does not interact with the user by asking and/or answering questions, consisting of various parts such as a propeller, lamp, electronic circuits in various colors (indicated with music, alarm, space war), snap wires, battery holder and speaker. All components are packed in a sealed box with the instruction manual.
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According to the information provided by the applicant, it is a building set toy (so-called "Art. 58655 - building blocks rainbow") in the form of 38 colorfully painted building blocks made of wood, in various shapes (triangles, rectangles, squares, semicircles). The building blocks can be placed on top of each other, stacked and placed to create many different constructions. The products are intended for children's playful entertainment and are presented in a wooden box with a colorfully printed cardboard insert for retail sale. There are no indications of manual production. According to customs tariff law, it is "toys other than those specified in subheadings (CN) 9503 0010 to 9503 0035, construction kit toys, not made of plastic, not handcrafted from wood".
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[1]. DEBTI10474/22-1#764709

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