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It is a so-called 3 in 1 desk organizer (item number: HZ 27) made of base metal, consisting of a powder-coated perforated sheet metal with a U-shaped beveled top and equipped with a holder for placing on the desk. Two differently shaped containers, a tray and two hooks are attached to the perforated sheet metal. The not yet assembled products are used to store z. B. Notes, letters and other papers, pens and smartphones in offices. They are set up together with assembly material (screws, dowels) for alternative attachment to a wall or a desk back wall as well as assembly instructions as an assembly of goods in a sales packaging for retail sale. Dimensions: 300mm x 270mm x 45mm. -Applicant information-The organizer determines the nature of the set of goods with regard to the meaning for the use and the scope. See attachment for illustration. Classification under heading 7326 is excluded, as the products are covered by the wording of heading 8304, note 2, paragraph 3, paragraph XV. An alternative fastening of the products to the wall or the rear wall of a desk does not conflict with this classification. Such products, as "office equipment similar to sorting, filing and filing boxes and spring trays, made of base metal" belong to subheading 8304 0000 of the Combined Nomenclature.
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[1]. DEBTI40549/21-1#753973

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