HS Code for discharge lamp flashlight apparatus

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discharge lamp flashlight apparatus

Discharge lamp (electronic) flashlight apparatus

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Ring flash, so-called Walimex pro Ring Flash HS 400, item no. 20623, put up as a set for retail sale, consisting essentially of a ring-shaped case measuring approximately 225mm x 75mm x 230mm, with a flash head on the front, a color display and adjustment knobs on the back, a removable 12.8V lithium -Ion battery on the underside of the housing, a battery charger, as well as fastening and guide rails for e.g. the umbrella holder (not the subject of this vZTA decision).Outer shape: see figure in the attachment.The device has a flash output of max. 400 WS, whereby the power can be regulated over 22 levels (1/1 ~ 1/128). In addition, a radio control is installed in the product, which in connection with the optionally available so-called Walimex pro radio trigger set Operator USB Plus (also not the subject of this vZTA decision) enables wireless control of many functions of the flash. The "Ring Flash HS 400" can also be used as a stroboscopic flash or as an LED video light (auxiliary function). In addition, an umbrella holder can be installed, which is mounted in the middle on the back of the device (see figure in the attachment). All components serve as a portable flash system for illuminating motifs inside or outside of photo studios. In terms of use, the flash head determines the character of the combination of goods. The components are packed together with an instruction manual. The goods are classified as "flash devices, for photographic purposes, with a discharge lamp (electron flash devices)".
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[1]. DEBTI52609/19-1#664818

CN Code :
Suction. Akkublitz, Blitzlichtgerät essentially consisting of a 245 x 125 x 220 mm measuring housing (without reflector) with built-in electronics and overheating protection, front with inserted flash tube, reflector and protective cap, on the side with LED display and control panel. For the outer shape, see the figure in the appendix. The flash unit has a flash output of 600 Ws and has a 2, 4 GHZ radio receiver, an 8,700 mAh accumulator and a bayonet connection. The flashlight device (characterizing part due to the importance for the use) is set up in an assortment with a battery charger and a user manual in a box for retail sale and serves the object illumination during photographic work. The product is classified as a "flash unit for photographic use with discharge lamp (electronic flash units)".
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[1]. DEBTI58833/18-1#650561

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