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electromagnetic compatibility testing equipment

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EMC testing equipment. The Large Loop Antenna is an open metal sphere about 6 feet in diameter which is used only to receive the spurious signals, if any, emitted from luminaires (light fixtures) which are placed in its center. The ERS (Emission Reference Source) emits a precise electromagnetic field which enables the user to recalibrate reception devices so that the test area can approximate a true OATS (Open Area Test Site) as required for accredited EMC testing. Using a High Tension electric spark gap, the pQT generates localized ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and RF (Radio Frequency) bursts as part of a process confirm that the equipment under test will perform properly if a nearby source emits RF or if the operator gives off the type of electrostatic charge that might be acquired in a dry room with fluffy carpets. The EMC Pre-Selectors are used when unusually strong, broadband electrical noise present in mains (standard AC wiring) would overwhelm the spectrum analyzer being used to evaluate and display that noise. The RF 900 enables the tester to choose narrow frequency bands to send to the spectrum analyzer. The RF 910 does this automatically via software, supplied by La Place, which controls the Pre-Selector and the spectrum analyzer. Note that any dedicated software will be separately classifiable due to Note 6 to Chapter 85 of the HTS, and its value for Customs purposes will be only the value of the medium, not the value of the content. NYRL B86452, 6-19-97, noted.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/E82946

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