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CN Code : 8308.10.00
These are products made of steel in different dimensions, each consisting of a closed, ring-shaped eyelet attached to the end of a circular-cylindrical sleeve. The sleeve is intended to be connected to the ends of e.g. B. jewelry chains or ribbons to be connected. - Applicant information - See attachment for illustration. Articles of this kind fall under TARIC code 8308 1000 90 as "eyelets and similar articles, of base metal, for jewelery or other made-up articles". Classification under heading 7326 does not apply because articles of Chapter 83 do not belong to Chapter 72 to 76 and 78 to 81, Note 2(3) Section XV.
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[1]. DEBTI49353/21-1#755993

CN Code : 3926.90.97
According to the information provided by the applicant and the present product sample, it is a so-called "Mono Loop Thimble, Kunststoff-Ösen, Art. No. 120001". The approx. 12 x 10 x 5 mm (L x W x H) large, U-shaped products are made of fluorescent plastic as defined in Note 1 to Chapter 39 and have a circumferential groove on the outside. They are used as a thimble when assembling monofilament fishing leaders and serve to protect / reinforce the loop in order to obtain the best possible carrying capacity of the line. Ten "eyelets" are packed in a transparent foil bag with Euro holes and cardboard inserts. Due to the neutral design and the versatility, the goods do not present themselves as a recognizable, exclusive or main part or accessory for goods of Chapter 95. Such goods are classified under customs tariff law as "other goods of plastics other than those specified in subheadings (CN) 3926 1000 to 3926 9060". .
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[1]. DEBTI27679/21-1#739339

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