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fermentation locks

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According to the information provided by the applicant and the product sample submitted, it is a so-called "fermentation lock", consisting entirely of polyethylene (PE, plastic within the meaning of Note 1 to Chapter 39). The two-part product essentially consists of a kind of funnel and a lid loosely placed on top of the funnel. The funnel-shaped container is cylindrical in shape (H 9.0 x D 6.5 cm), with a height of about 4.0 cm it is provided with a circumferential level indicator and inside is equipped with a tubular cylinder running over the entire length. The tubular cylinder is open both at the top and at the bottom and protrudes about 4.0 cm from the container on the bottom (total length thus about 13.0 cm). The lid consists of a plate-shaped cap (D 7.0 cm) and a cylinder section (L approx. 8.5 cm) attached to the underside and open at the bottom. The lower edge of the cylinder is provided with four semicircular recesses (1.1 x 0.8 cm). The product is used as a kind of air bridge/valve in the fermentation process in tanks. To do this, the container is filled with a liquid and inserted into the tank with the tubular cylinder on the underside. The airlock ensures that the overpressure that occurs in the tank during fermentation can escape without air getting into the fermentation tank. A classification in Chapter 84 is out of the question due to the missing mechanical parts/functionality. According to customs tariff law, it is "other goods made of plastic, other than those covered by subheadings (CN) 3926 1000 to 3926 9060".
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[1]. DEBTI4468/22-1#763614

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