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CN Code : 6306.90.00
Hanging chair, so-called hanging chair Oana, Art. 8658517, photo see attachment, - composite goods, consisting of a hanging chair and a cushion; illustrated by pictures and the "seat" mentioned below with hanging device, - packed in a cardboard box, not yet assembled; according to the application with assembly material, - hanging chair: - in the maximum dimensions (diameter x height) of 190 cm x 215 cm according to the application, - can be quickly assembled and individually positioned, - with a frame made of powder-coated tubular steel according to the application, - With a round, double-worked "seat" with a diameter of approx. 145 cm made of single-colored fabrics made of 100% polyester (synthetic man-made fibers) according to the application; sewn together along the edge to form a tunnel-like hem and equipped with a total of eleven sewn-on loops made of fabric; with an approx. 50 cm long opening with a zipper for inserting a ring-shaped interlocking rod made of apparently base metal, - with a suspension device made of ropes made of polyester according to the application, which are pulled through the aforementioned loops and brought together on a ring made of base metal, - - equipped with a chain and hook made of apparently base metal for hanging in the frame, - assembled by joining, - without a defined seat to relieve at least two body regions; therefore no goods of position 9401, - due to the simple assembly, dismantling and transport options, the goods are suitable to be used for camping, thus among other things no furniture of position 9403, - especially with regard to the scope and the Meaning in relation to the use, the textile fabrics determine the essential character of the goods, - pillows (according to the application): - in the dimensions (L x W x H) of approx. 73 cm x 18 cm x 9 cm, - With a cover made of the fabrics mentioned above and a "foam / fleece filling", - With regard to the scope and the importance in relation to the use, the hanging armchair determines the essential character of the assembled product. "Camping equipment (hanging chairs), made of textile materials, made of man-made fibers"
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[1]. DEBTI37375/21-1#753875

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