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HS Code for herbal ice tea

Product :
herbal ice tea

Sample Products for "herbal ice tea"

HTS Code : 2202.99.9100 2202.99.9000
The subject merchandise is a non-carbonated beverage described as “Uber Flavour Craft Ice Tea”. The tea will be imported in 330 ml airtight bottles. The Apple & Cinnamon Rooibos Brew consists of 70 percent Apple juice, 27 percent Water, 1.5 percent Rooibos tea and 1.5 percent Cinnamon. The Mango & Vanilla Rooibos Brew consists of 67 percent pressed Apple juice, 25.4 percent Water, 6 percent Mango pulp, 1.5 percent Rooibos tea, and less than one percent Vanilla. The Honey & Lemon Rooibos Brew consists of 48 percent Water, 37 percent pressed Apple juice, 8 percent Honey, 6 percent Lemon juice and 1 percent Rooibos tea. The Berry & Buchu Rooibos Brew consists of 81.1 percent Apple juice, 13 percent Rooibos brew and Water, 2.5 percent Blackcurrant puree, 2.5 percent Raspberry puree, and less than one percent Buchu Leaf Oil.[1]


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