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instant noodle

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Instant Noodle Soup (Haemulmat Udon) Description of the submitted sample: Two individually vacuumed cuboid serving blocks (about 12, 5 cm x 11 cm x 1, 5 cm) of intertwined long, creamy white, moist, soft noodles with a rectangular cross-section (approx. 0, 6 cm x 0, 3 cm), two white, printed with orange Asian characters sachet with a light beige spicy-salty-tasting powder and two white, printed with gold-colored Asian characters sachets with dried vegetables are packed together in a predominantly red original composite foil pouch with an image of an Asian noodle soup with shrimp, Asian characters and multilingual product information ("Asian Style Noodle with Soup", "Nouille de Modèle asiatique avec de Potage", Net Wt / Poids net: 420 g). The reverse side contains an indication of origin (product from Korea) and a label with the following German language specifications: "Asian style instant noodle soup (Haemulmat Udon) with fresh wheat flour pasta / wheat pasta (pre-cooked), seafood flavor", the list of ingredients (see box 8) and a preparation proposal (1 serving of pasta for 2 minutes in about 400 ml of boiling water, stirring, add soup side dishes, continue to cook for 1 minute). After the packaging imprint and the preparation instructions, the pasta is pre-cooked. There is an assortment of items for retail sale intended for the production of a pasta dish whose character is determined by the quantity of predominantly cooked pasta. Pasta, cooked, not filled and not dried.
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[1]. DEBTI5195/18-1#595935

CN Code :
Instant noodle dish with chicken meat flavor A sample (not in original box) and a product specification were available. According to the information given in the application, the product is imported ready-to-consigned for distribution to the final consumer in the Community. Accordingly, it is a retail set up for retail sale (80g in total) consisting of brownish, greasy, brittle, thin, deep-fried, block-folded pasta, a soup base bag, a spice oil bag, a bag with dried pieces of vegetables and textured soy protein and a bag of chilli powder in a foil-sealed cup. Enclosed is a hinged disposable plastic fork. The contents of the package should be mixed with 400 ml of boiling water in the beaker. After a waiting period of 3 minutes, the pasta dish is ready to eat. There is an assortment of items for retail sale according to AV 3b), which is intended for the production of a pasta dish. The character is determined by the noodles, as these make up most of the goods. Pasta, pre-cooked by frying and dried, made from wheat flour, containing no rice.
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[1]. DEBTI4922/18-1#595738

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