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HS Code for knitted or crocheted gloves designed for use in sports

Product :
knitted or crocheted gloves designed for use in sports

Sample Products for "knitted or crocheted gloves designed for use in sports"

CN Code : 6116.10.80
Gloves called,. ODE Boxing Gloves, adult-size, photo see Annex, - in the form of a mitt with elaborate thumb - lt. Examination Result: - perceived coated with one hand outside of dyed weft knitted fabrics of heading 5903, on the outside with the naked eye with embossed cellular plastics, the knits are tight, sanded and thick (ca. 4/7 of the total thickness) as the cellular plastic (ca. 3/7 of the total thickness); they serve not only the gain; equipped in the back of the hand, the fingers and thumb with a preformed pad of Schaumkunst- material, - - with an inside made of pierced spacer fabrics of Chapter 60, with an integrated handle web, whereby the gloves are angled in the area of ​​the finger to the palm of the hand, - in the wrist with an up to the palm-reaching, V-shaped manhole and a ca. 7, 5 cm wide, almost completely encircling Velcro - on the manhole with an edge enclosure knitted of heading 5903, - no classification under heading 9506 (equipment for the sport) because Gloves of all kinds are excluded from Chapter 95, - after the overall impression outweigh the knitted fabric, on the intended use as a boxing glove reigns of plastic foam before, neither of the two materials thus gives the product its essential character; it is thus that of the coming equally into account positions (3926 and 6116) to assign the latter in the nomenclature; within the position 6116 which covered with cellular plastics knit in terms of the purpose and the overall impression are considered to be essential character. "Mittens knitted, plastic coated".
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[1]. DE24607/14-1#440444

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