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laser pointer presenters

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CN Code : 8471.60.70
A composite article, being a wireless presenter equipped with a laser pointer with, among other things, the following external and technical characteristics: - a laser presenter in the form of a pen with a stylus; - a red pointing laser; - a white LED lamp; - control buttons to navigate through a powerpoint presentation; - a USB receiver with a split ring; - for the operation of an automatic data processing machine (AGM). The product is put up for retail sale and is packaged in a gift box together with non-characterizing goods such as 3 LR44 batteries and instructions for use. The essential character is determined by the laser presenter and assigned to the import and export unit for an automatic data-processing machine as defined by HS heading 8471 of the Combined Nomenclature.
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[1]. NLRTD-2017-0224#556478

CN Code : 8471.60.70
Wireless Presenter, so-called. Wireless Presenter WP 01, in the form of an assortment of batteries, manuals and a combination of laser pointer and input device in combination with a USB receiver (main function). The input device essentially consists of a printed circuit board equipped with active and passive components in a 138 x 20 x 20 mm plastic housing with control buttons. It serves by means of the USB receiver to trigger control commands during a presentation (mouse function). The presenter is of the type mainly used in an automatic data processing system, connectable to the central processing unit and capable of delivering data in a system usable form. The components of the compilation are put together for retail sale. The goods are classified as "input unit for automatic data processing machines, no keyboard". Appendix: 1 figure.
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[1]. DE8792/17-1#542400

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