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HS Code for life jackets made of textile material

Product :
life jackets made of textile material

Sample Products for "life jackets made of textile material"

CN Code : 6307.20.00
Lifejacket, made of textile material (fabric: 44% EPE, 32% nylon, 14% PP, and 10% POM), padded, sleeveless, with clip closures. This article is used for the practice of water sports. Weight: from 40kgs and more. Bust: 76-132cm.
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[1]. FRBTIFR-BTI-2019-16159#676708

CN Code : 6307.90.10
Swiming aid, Art. Sindi, model 15 kg - 18 kg (for children from 2 to 3 years), photo see attachment, - worked in the manner of a bridle, - from a approx. 2, 1 mm thick, three-layered surface product of heading 5906, with an outer layer and an inner layer of monochrome (green /. Blue), partially knitted or crocheted fabric (woven fabric, as defined in chapter 59), of textile material and of cellular rubber (neoprene), of a weight per square meter less than 1500 g (not in the meter of Chapter 40), - on the inside of the breast and back of unicoloured Knitted fabrics made of spun material, as well as sewn, approximately round buoyancy elements made of cellular plastic, - with partially woven sewn woven bands running across the chest and back, with a clip closure made of plastic and with blanks from the above-. a. Knitted or crocheted fabrics of heading No 5906, - on the reverse,. Back grip for the external correction of the float position, - in the step with a cut between the legs,. a. Knitted fabrics of heading 5906, which is attached to the back part by means of a plastic clip fastener and which fixes the seat of the swimmer's aid to the body, - is bounded by narrow, elastic blanks of knitted fabric, - by stitching together, - conforming to EN 13138 , Does not meet the European standards EN 395, 396 or 399 and,. a. Therefore no life jacket i. S. Of subheading 6307 2000, - is used as a swimmer for children under the application, therefore no device or equipment for general physical exercise of heading 9506, - in particular with regard to size and overall impression, the knitted fabrics determine the character of the product, Flat products shall not be classified under subheading 6307 9098. "Other made-up articles (swimwear) of knitted or crocheted fabrics".
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[1]. DE5261/16-1#518368

CN Code : 6307.20.00
Composite goods consisting of one other made goods (life jacket) and a whistle, BEMA so-called solid life jacket for 30 - 40 kg, Item No. 13370 Size Youth, photo see attachment - packaged in a resealable bag of mostly non-wovens ( standard packing in the sense of AV 5b)) with printed Pappeinleger put up for retail sale - life jacket - in the manner of a waist-length, sleeveless vest worked, with wide armholes - from bituminous, about 1.1 mm thick, side (inside) with the naked eye visible to one layer (film) of plastic (no cellular plastics) provided materials of heading 5903 of textile materials - inlaid with layers of cellular plastics which are used as flotation devices, - forward, with a continuous opening at the top with strips of fabric sewn textile materials and at the bottom with a retracted drawstring with plastic stopper - with a high collar that include; zipper without overlap... serves to keep the head above water - at the waist with a drawn through loops belt of woven textile fabrics with a buckle closure, plastic equipped - at the rear, the bottom with a sewn-on fabric tape, the tape is attached to the front sewn eyelets pulled out of plastic in order to improve the usefulness of the seat of the life jacket - fitted on the chest with sewn-on reflective blanks of textile materials and a company logo - manufactured by sewing together, - corresponds on the label of standards DIN EN ISO 12402-4 ( Life Jacket Type 100 N), corresponding to a boost in children (Youth) of 50 Newtons and in adults of 100 Newton - thus meets the European Standard (EN) 395, and presents itself as a life vest for the purposes of subheading 6307, 2000, etc. thus not classified in heading 9506, - whistle: - rectangular, with the dimensions: 7 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm - from plain plastic - equipped at the rear with a clamp - serves as a mouth whistle to signal type , - is attached by a cord to the vest, - the life jacket gives the composite goods in particular with regard to the scope, the overall impression and the purpose of its essential character. "Other made goods (life jacket), of textile materials"...
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[1]. DE16320/12-1#267782

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