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CN Code : 8473.30.80
A so-called CPU liquid cooler with - according to the statement - the following external and technical characteristics: - intended for protection against overheating of a central processing unit in an automatic data-processing machine; - for the removal of excess heat; - for installation in a computer with a fan space of 120 x 120 mm; - an axial fan with a diameter of 120 mm in a housing provided with cooling fins and 33 red LED lamps for mood lighting; - a rotational speed of 400 - 1300 RPM and an air pressure of 0, 46 - 3, 8 mm / H2O; - a radiator in a housing made of aluminum with dimensions of 154 x 120 x 27 mm; - the fan and radiator are connected to a hose made of rubber with a length of 31,5 cm; - a liquid pump with a size of 62 x 62 x 35 mm; - a total weight of 961 grams; - 2 x 4-pin standard power connections. The article is put up for retail sale and is packed together with non-character-determining goods such as various assembly materials, a gaming sticker and a user manual.
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[1]. NLBTI2018-1200#609549

HTS Code : 8473.30.5100
The merchandise under consideration includes three liquid central processing unit (CPU) coolers. The CPU coolers, 510LC, 550LC, and 570LC are designed to be mounted directly onto an automatic data processing (ADP) machine’s motherboard making direct contact with the machine’s CPU. The CPU coolers absorb heat from a computer’s CPU using a process called liquid cooling by which heat is removed from components in the CPU using a liquid as the heat transmitter. All of the CPU coolers incorporate a cold plate, an integrated pump, heat exchanger (radiator plus fan) and two tubes connecting the cold plate and heat exchanger. The CPU coolers operate by pumping liquid to the cold plate in which heat is absorbed by the liquid. The liquid is then pumped through a closed loop system to move the liquid to the heat exchanger where the heat is released before the liquid is pumped back to the cold plate. The basis of the liquid is water, which has a higher heat capacity. The CPU coolers are essential to the proper functioning of the CPU of an ADP machine and are considered a part of an ADP machine of heading 8471.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/N133281

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