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CN Code : 7616.99.90
There are so-called. Cases in the form of two rectangular bowls with rounded corners in the dimensions of approximately 133 x 67 mm. The lower shell is made of aluminum, the upper shell consists of a "framework" of aluminum and a "viewing window" of plastic. The products are provided with specific recesses and serve as protection of a smartphone (not the subject of BTI) before z. B. bumps or scratches. The goods are packed in pairs in a plastic bag. - Applicant Information -Aluminum is essential character because of the volume. Figure see enclosure. Such products include as "other articles of aluminum 'the TARIC code 7616 9990 99th
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[1]. DE10697/15-1#446778

CN Code : 4202.91.80
Etuiähnliches container, Art 13079 Commander Look Case, see Figure conditioning, - with an outer surface of leather, - in dimension: about 6 cm (width) x 13 cm (height) x 1 cm (depth) - inside the lower part is working as accurately fitting plastic cup for receiving a mobile phone - focus on front and back with funktionßpezifischen openings, including , for the lens of the camera - opening, with a magnetic lock - without interior fittings; equipped on the back with a belt loop, - serves for the transport and storage of a mobile phone - no evidence of manual labor - presented on a standard cardboard base with inscription. "similar receptacle, other than bis 4202 1110 4202 3900 referred to in the subheadings referred with outer surface of leather, other than in subheading 4202 9110, not handmade"...
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[1]. DE14622/13-1#310428

CN Code : 4202.92.98
According to the declared data it is a case for mobile phone strap with Velcro, which is designed to clip onto your hand (arm) and is used primarily in sports. The housing and the strap is made from neoprene, which is coated with a textile material, at the rear of the opening for receiving the mobile phone on the front of the transparent plastic window through which the phone is visible. Comes in various sizes.
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[1]. CZ38-1560-2015#473269

HS Code : 4202.
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CN Code : 4202.99.00
Case for a mobile phone, so-called Weatherproof RC f. iPhone included holder, article 15800470, photos see attachment, - put up for retail sale together with a plastic O-ring, a small pouch of grease and a paper instruction manual; these are inferior and, with regard to their use, are insignificant, they do not change the essence of the main product and are therefore to be classified like this one, - with different outer sides: - - on the back and the edges with an outside of molded plastic (in terms of area predominantly and thus character-determining), - - on the front and a small recess on the back with "viewing windows" made of predominantly clear plastic film, - hinged; with a hinge on the lower narrow side, - on the upper edge with a locking latch, - designed to fit a mobile phone, - on the back with two rails and a retaining lug for attachment to the bicycle mount (thus no classification as a bag or handbag article ), - in the dimensions: about 17 cm (height) x 8, 5 cm (width) x 1, 5 cm (depth), - with a bicycle mount (so-called RideCase Mount) with handlebar adapter made of plastic and base metal, - the product does not meet the accessories requirements for bicycles, and therefore does not qualify for inclusion in heading 8714. 'Cases, other than those specified in subheadings 4202 1110 to 4202 3900, with external molded plastic, not hand-crafted for musical instruments'
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[1]. DEBTI40955/18-1#594673

CN Code : 3926.90.97
An article, of a rectangular shape with rounded edges, made of moulded plastics (polycarbonate), in the form of a shell which covers the back and the sides of a mobile phone, measuring approximately 7 × 14 × 0,8 cm. The outer surface of the back is covered with a leather layer and the inner surface, which makes contact with the back of the mobile phone, is lined with man-made fibres (microfibres). It is designed to hold and protect the back and sides of a mobile phone. The front of the mobile phone is not to be covered.[1]

[1]. https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32019R08...

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