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rubik cubes

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Plastic puzzle in the form of a so-called magic cube, so-called "McDonalds Rubiks Cube 2019, Rubik's Smiley Round Full Puzzle" - rectangular, rounded at the top, in the dimensions of approximately 76 x 52 x 25 mm- with 20 individually rotatable cubic fields Plastic, which are glued with colored images with smileys - The aim of this game of skill is, by turning the single cube to display the stuck on six sides motifs back to the starting position - serves the playful entertainment of adults and children - according to application details in a polyethylene bag opened. The goods are classified as "puzzles made of materials other than wood".
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[1]. DEBTI58003/18-1#618315

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Puzzle of plastic in the form of a so-called. Rubik's cube (edge ​​length about 5.3 cm). The cube consists of 54 individually rotatable cube fields that are covered on the outside with color printed motif sections. The aim of this skill game is by turning the cube represent the individual motifs returned to its initial position (different Transformerabbildungen) presented on 6 pages. The "Magic Cube" is a playful entertainment of adults and children.The product is classified as "Puzzle of materials other than wood".
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[1]. DE4541/14-1#422010

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