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CN Code : 1905.90.90
Nachos unfrittiert Request Information: Nachos, Art. 8485900, cut from corn tortillas, unfrittiert, frozen Ingredients: corn flour (70%), water, acidity regulator (calcium hydroxide) Product description: Pre-cut corn tortillas, made of corn mash for fresh production in operation. Confidential request information including product specifications were submitted. Description of a Einreihungsgutachten underlying identical product (same type. -No. ): Chips cut into the shape of triangles of flat bread, light yellow, interspersed with dark brown speckles and with a few dark brown tanning stains on the surface, prebaked apparently; Taste of pre-baked Maismehlteig, not sweet and not salty; To the list of ingredients: corn flour (70%), water, acidity regulator (calcium hydroxide); Preparation: Defrost the product. Fritteuse: beautiful 180 ° C.. 1 Min. preferably with peanut oil. Starch / glucose *: 50 to less than 75 GHT sucrose / invert sugar / isoglucose *: less than 5 GHT milkfat *: less than 1, 5 GHT milk protein *: less than 2, 5 GHT *: derived from the application information (not inconsistent on the progress made under the Einreihungsgutachtens results) Other non-sweetened baked good, tortilla chips (nachos), no dried sheets of dough subheading 1905 9020 CN, since the product is not dried but is baked.
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[1]. DE22112/15-1#475903

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