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HS Code for vegan lard and vegan butter

Product :
vegan lard and vegan butter

Sample Products for "vegan lard and vegan butter"

HTS Code : 1517.90.2080
The items under review are Vegan Lard and Vegan Butter, known collectively as Botanova vegan substitute products. The Vegan Lard consists of palm oil, canola oil, seasoning oil (containing sweet sake lees/rice koji, protein hydrolysate, onion, corncob decomposition, and powdered yeast extract), and an antioxidant made of tocopherol and vitamin C. The Vegan Butter consists of palm oil, palm kernel oil, fully hydrogenated palm oil, fully hydrogenated palm kernel oil, canola oil, hazelnut oil, koji amazake (fermented rice drink containing rice and rice malt), yeast extract, citrus paradisi (grapefruit), natural salt, flavoring, and water. You state that both products will be imported in bulk quantities and are intended for sale to distributors and consumers of plant-based meat products.[1]


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