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CN Code : 9018.90.20
Suction. Videolaryngoscope REF 91. 000. 01. 002, in the form of a set up for retail sale, consisting essentially of: - an electrical device consisting of a movable 3, 5 "LCD monitor with ON / OFF push-button, 4 GB Memory card, rechargeable lithium battery and USB port (overall dimensions: 94 x 70 x 12 mm), equipped with a handle and a specially curved tube made of stainless steel with an integrated 2 MP camera, - a micro-USB cable and various attachments made of transparent polycarbonate (so-called disposable spatula) for insertion onto the end of the tube The device is used to intubate a patient under 'sight' .The stainless steel tube is equipped with a disposable spatula (not yet assembled) and from a doctor in the A ventilation tube (not subject to the BTI decision) can be placed on the lateral groove of the disposable spatula and placed on the monitor at the same time on the monitor hre of the patient to be introduced. The goods which are not yet assembled determine the nature of the goods due to their importance for use. The micro-USB cable is used to charge the accumulator and transfer the video data to a data processing machine (not part of the BTI decision). The components of the set are housed in a suitcase suitable for permanent use. The product is classified as a "medical device other than in subheadings (HS) 9028 22 to 9018 50, endoscope (here: laryngoscope)".
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[1]. DEBTI11310/19-1#653184

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