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A speaker or audio dock including the following appearance and technical characteristics: - a wireless audio dock - with a mini USB connection - with Bluetooth - supports APTX files - with two 2-way 5-watt speakers; - with dimensions of 463 x 122 x 152 mm. Neither the speakers nor the amplifier, or the media player for reproducing sound as falling within HS heading 8519 of the Combined Nomenclature are the typical main function. The article is put up for retail sale and is offered together with non character key goods like a remote control, cables and manual....
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[1]. NLRTD-2013-000145#279522

CN Code :
Audio Dock - from signal electronics with MPEG decoder and D / A converters, digital sound processor, speakers, Bluetooth radio module, audio amplifier and current transformers in a housing (Dimensions: 360.8 x 162.9 x 192.3 mm) with USB interface and iPod / iPhone dock - for audio playback from USB storage media - identifying main activity - for Em-pfangen of audio signals via Bluetooth and Tonfrequenzverstärkung - charakterbe-provoking - as well as for recharging batteries of connected devices (iPod, iPhone, not subject of this report), - together with mounting accessories (remote control, manual) for sale as a package. The audio dock determines the character of the whole. "Reproducing apparatus, not covered by subheadings 8519 2010 bis 8519 5000, semiconductor media using, without sound recording device, no voice recorder, no Kaßettenabspielgerät, without laser reading system (combination of sound reproduction - identifying main activity -, audio amplifier, telecommunication device assembled with current transformer in the set with charakterbestimmendem not included) "...
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[1]. DE9186/12-1#259122

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