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Baby video monitor systems are essentially a set consisting of a wireless video camera and video monitors that display the images sent by this camera. Regarding the classification of such systems, the US and EU binding tariff information seem to use 2 separate tariffs. In the US Rules, the systems in question are classified in heading 8528.59 for monitors. The evaluation used in making this classification is as follows:

"Neither the camera nor the monitor can function independently of one another to achieve the function of a baby monitor. As a result, both the camera and the monitor contribute equally to the system’s function; therefore, both the camera and the monitor merit equal consideration in determining the essential character of this set. This decision is in accordance with a long line of CBP’s prior rulings that examined similar sets that incorporated video monitors and video cameras. In each of these prior rulings, we found that no single component determined the system’s essential character, and, therefore by virtue of GRI 3(c), they were classified under Heading 8528, because it was the last numerical heading."

In EU binding tariffs, heading 8528.72, which is for baby video monitor systems and television receiver devices in general, is used. As a rationale, it was commented that the main character of the system is the video screen television receiver.

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CN Code :
Baby video surveillance system, NUK Eco Control Video, Art. 20.256.296 - consisting of a mains and battery operated camera with image sensor - characteristic main activity - combined with radio transmitter/receiver, microphone, loudspeaker and sound module in a housing with infrared LEDs, controls and antenna (so-called baby unit) (see appendix for illustration), - a mains and battery-operated video monitor with 2.8"" color LC display (screen format 4:3; resolution: 320 x 240 pixels) with radio receiver/transmitter and loudspeaker in a housing with controls, antenna and feet (so-called parent unit) (see appendix for illustration), - for wirelessly receiving the video and audio signals from a camera at a transmission frequency of 2.4 GHz for remote monitoring of babies - characteristic main activity - and for remotely controlling functions of the baby unit, for playing permanently stored melodies (lullabies), - together with accessories (battery, two power supplies, operating instructions) in a common sales packaging. Neither the baby unit nor the parent unit determines the character of the whole."Television receiver with a video screen, for a multi-color image, not a projection television, without a video recording or video playback device, with a screen with a liquid crystal display (LCD); set of goods consisting of a television receiver - main characteristic activity - combined with radio remote control and television camera - characteristic main activity - combined with radio transmitter/receiver and sound module, - without character-defining component - as well as secondary accessories"
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[1]. DE4537/14-1#422005

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Video surveillance system for infants - a set consisting of the following elements: camera with built-in transmitter, microphone and speakers, wireless color monitor with LCD display and built-in receiver, two power supplies and battery. Kit is designed to monitor the infant at a distance. The monitor also displayed is the temperature in the room where the infant resides. The camera also transmits sound. In addition, the unit containing the monitor can be sent to the camera preset tunes or talk to the child. Signals are sent from the camera to a monitor with a frequency of 2.4 GHz in the range of 300 meters....
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[1]. PLPL-WIT-2011-01133#222408

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