HS-Code für Chamäleonschwarz 2

Produkt :
Chamäleonschwarz 2

Musterprodukte für "Chamäleonschwarz 2"

HTS Code :
CAS Number : 89331-94-2
Chameleon Black 2, ODB-2, or Black 2. You state that the product at issue is a type of colorant known as a colorformer. In its supplied state, “Chameleon Black 2, ODB-2, or Black 2” is an off-white colored powder, which when exposed to appropriate acidic conditions, develops a strong black color. Your submission identifies this product’s common commercial name as “OBD-2 or Black 2” and CAS number as 89331-94-2. This product is 99.5%+ pure and primarily used as a coating component in the manufacture of carbonless paper.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/N306416

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