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You state that the nucleic acids, subject to this request, consist of DNA oligonucleotides, which are small fragments of single stranded DNA, and plasmids that are bigger fully circular double stranded DNA. All of the synthesized DNA is artificial in origin and has been synthesized “in a GENEWIZ lab.” You indicate that the instant products consist of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (CAS# 9007-49-2). The DNA oligonucleotides are artificially made single stranded DNA molecules. They are indicated to have a molecular weight between 5000-70,0000 g/mol or 16-200 nucleotides in length. They are used for polymerase chain reactions, DNA sequencing, and gene synthesis. The DNA is indicated to be strictly for pharmaceutical or academic research purposes. The DNA will be shipped in either a liquid or a dry form. The liquid DNA is suspended in either molecular grade deionized water or TE buffer (water + Tris-EDTA). TE buffer helps solubilize and protects the DNA from degrading. When the DNA is shipped dry, it prepared by air drying in a vacuum. Both preparations of this product are to be imported in a 2ml screw cap tube.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/N313545

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Hier finden Sie auch die geltenden Zollsätze für die Einfuhr von "DNA-Oligonukleotide" in die USA und die Länder der Europäischen Union.

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