HS-Code für echte Knochen zum Hundekauen

Produkt :
echte Knochen zum Hundekauen

Musterprodukte für "echte Knochen zum Hundekauen"

CN Code :
After the application data and the present product sample is a 40 cm long and 15 cm wide at the two ends of the rod end, triggered from the flesh bones of beef with low Fleischanhaftungen, without further additives. The bone was boiled, bleached and severely dried by heat. The classification assumes that it is the time of importation to an unsuitable for human consumption (inedible) product after veterinary assessment. The product is sealed in a transparent plastic film wrapped with a plastic mesh bag and is intended for use as feed for dogs (so-called Jumbo Chew Bone, 1200 g) was determined. Tariff Legally, there are "other bones as mentioned in the code numbers 0506 1000 and 0506 9000 00 0 00 1 not suitable for human consumption"....
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[1]. DE6149/13-1#297603

CN Code :
The product is in the shape of a bone. "Dog bone" is about 17 cm long and weighs about 80 grams. Packaged in a retail pack of 160 grams with 2 bones in each package. According to the information available, it is produced by washing, drying and heat treatment of bovine skin. Application: The product is intended for animal feed as chewing bones for dogs and is not suitable for human consumption....
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[1]. DK08-003059#324334

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