HS-Code für elektrische Glocken, Gongs und dergleichen

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elektrische Glocken, Gongs und dergleichen

Musterprodukte für "elektrische Glocken, Gongs und dergleichen"

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Wireless doorbell, made of ABS plastic, black. It consists of a transmitter (button) with a piezoelectric switch and a receiver (bell). The transmitter is battery powered (built-in 12V 23A battery), has a range of up to 300 m in open space, is waterproof (IP44) and can be mounted outside the building, e.g.. at the gate on large estates. It communicates with the bell by radio. The doorbell is powered from the mains (AC 85-260V, 50/60Hz), has 60 melodies and 5 volume levels (including the ability to mute). Product features: operating frequency of the device: 433, 92 MHz; transmitter dimensions: 4.5 cm x 1.8 cm x 8.5 cm; bell dimensions: 6.5 cm x 3 cm x 10 cm. The product comes with a paper sticker and mounting hardware (double-sided tape and screws).
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[1]. PLBTIWIT-2022-001320#792959

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Electronic gong, melody 880, item no. 0046880 (picture see appendix)- consists of an acoustic alarm device in a plastic housing with loudspeaker, battery compartment and connection contacts for operation via an 8 V transformer, - for triggering an acoustic signal (8 melodies can be set, 82 dB) after receiving the trigger signal from a bell button (not part of this information). "Electrical audio signaling device, not specified in headings 8512 or 8530, other than an alarm device, display panel, doorbell"
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[1]. DEBTI24953/22-1#780907

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