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Fahrrad Werkzeugset

Musterprodukte für "Fahrrad Werkzeugset"

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"Bicycle tool set" (Item 49301)Assortment of goods put up for retail sale, consisting of- a product with various functions in the form of a free-arm-handled product of base metal, consisting of- - a disassembled chain tool i. W. made of a body of base metal with a holder for a bicycle chain, in which there is a rivet pin which can be turned by means of a screw-in lever at the end (pos. 8205)- - - for pushing chain pins in and out (opening and closing ) from Z. B. Bicycle chains (not the subject of this vZTA) by turning the rivet pin- - an Allen key that has not yet been put together and has a built-in magnet and a screwdriver bit made of steel (item 8204)- - - for loosening or tightening screws - - due to the different functions, the goods belong in application of AV 3 c) in the latter of the equally relevant positions (item 8205) - a tubular housing (= handle) made of base metal, which also serves to hold bits and is suitable for permanent use- eleven interchangeable screwdriver inserts (bits) in different shapes and sizes, together in a custom-fit plastic holder suitable for long-term use, which also serves to hold the above-mentioned lever of the chain rivet pusher, each made entirely of base metal or .with working part of base metal - put up on a printed cardboard card - the goods of item 8205 determine the character of the combination of goods due to their weight and value, see illustration in the appendix. Such products fall under TARIC code 8205 5980 00 as "Hand tools, not elsewhere specified or included, with working parts of base metal, other than those mentioned in TARIC codes 8205 1000 00 to 8205 5910 00".
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[1]. DEBTI46081/21-1#755790

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