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kick motion control module

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The items under consideration are referred to as the Kick Motion Sensors, PN 285T26JA0A and 285T26JA0B. Your request indicates that the Kick Motion Sensor Assembly consists of the two motion sensors and the control module, a plastic housing, and a wiring harness. Additionally, you state that the sensors and control module may be imported separately and a classification is requested for the individual components as well as the complete assembly. The Kick Motion Sensors are described as capacitive electrodes of copper alloy material with insulation of PVC material and molded plastic over the ends. They are intended to be mounted to the underside of a vehicle’s rear body and are connected to the Kick Motion Control Module by a sealed cable. Once connected and receiving electricity, the Kick Motion Sensors create an electric field under the bumper. When a person’s leg or foot is moved beneath the bumper, the pair of sensors register the change in capacitance as voltage feedback to the Kick Motion Control Module. The Kick Motion Control Module is described as an enclosed printed circuit board assembly that receives the feedback from the sensors and analyses the voltage differences to determine the presence of a user’s leg or foot. Based on preset parameters, the module sends a signal to Power Back Door (PBD) module which in turn actuates the electric motor to open the trunk door. We would note that the PBD module is not under review in this request. As previously stated, the Kick Motion Sensor Assembly consists of the sensors and the control module attached by cables. The principal use of the Kick Motion Sensor Assembly is to detect the proximity of a user, generally by them waving their foot below the sensors, which alters the capacitance of the electrodes. The detection of movement by the kick sensors alters the electrical properties perceived by the connected controller which initiates the process to raise the gate.[1]


HTS Code :
The items under consideration are referred to as the Kick Motion Control Module, PN 285T16KA0A, and the Kick Motion Sensor Assembly, PN 285T06KA0A.[1]


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