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A lifebuoy including the following features: - in the shape of a horseshoe (U); - An outer shell of a web of textile; - The fabric is on the inside provided with a film visible to the naked eye of plastic; - A zipper; - 7 loops where a gripping line with a snap hook is threaded therethrough; - Filled with 4 layers of foam buoyancy control system; - The maximum dimensions of about 60 x 50 x 9 cm; - Among other things for use on board ships, at lifeguard stations and along waterways. Life buoys can not be classified as other floating material as provided for in HS heading 8907 of the Combined Nomenclature, but must be classified by type and composition. Nor on the outside of textile, nor to the foam essential character can be awarded.
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[1]. NLRTD-2015-0558#469051

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The article illustrated by a sample is a so-called boat ring, consisting of a solid, character-giving core made of foamed polystyrene, a plastic within the meaning of Note 1 to Chapter 39, which is completely covered on the outside with a white plastic film (according to application made of PVC) is covered. The goods, which have a diameter of approx. 55 or 60 cm, are provided with colored plastic rings at regular intervals, through which a textile rope is threaded. According to the information provided by the applicant, the ring is primarily used as a gift for bridal couples or boat owners, but also has buoyancy properties due to the nature of the material. Such products are classified as "other goods made of plastic, other than those covered by TARIC codes 3926 1000 00 to 3926 9097 77 captured" lined up.
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[1]. DEBTI34531/18-1#592488

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