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nasal aspirators

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According to the application details and the submitted sample, it is a so-called "NoseFrida nasal aspirator-runny nose set (Art Chapter 39 - on how to remove nasal secretions (e.g. from babies) by suction with the mouth - with a cylindrical collecting tube to be placed on the nostril - with a tube including a mouthpiece - with an inserted cylindrical plastic filter sponge - a block of foamed plastic in accordance with note 1 to chapter 39 with 10 pre-cut, cylindrical replacement filter sponges - an aerosol spray bottle with 20 g of so-called sea salt nasal spray (consisting of water and salt). The components are presented together in a printed cardboard box for direct delivery to the end consumer. The combination of goods is used to treat babies' runny nose by using the nasal spray to first loosen stuck mucus, which is then removed with the nasal aspirator, whereby the filter sponge should be changed after each use for hygienic reasons. The character of the composition is determined with regard to the quantity by the goods of Chapter 39. Within chapter 39, the importance for the use of the nasal aspirator presents itself as giving character. According to customs tariff law, it is a "hygiene article made of plastics, not covered by code number 3924 9000 90 1".
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[1]. DEBTI40326/21-1#752406

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