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Results for CAS Number : 25265-77-4

EU Binding Tariff Information

HS Code : 2915.60
CN Code : 2915.60.19
2, 2, 4-Trimethyl-1,3-pentanediolmonoisobutyrate The product presented is the chemically uniform compound 2, 2, 4-trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol monoisobutyrate. A synonymous name is Texanol. The CAS number is 25265-77-4. The purity is at least 99%. The product is in the form of a colorless liquid. The product is classified as an ester of butanoic acid in subheading 2915 60 of the Combined Nomenclature.

ECICS (European Customs Inventory of Chemical Substances)

HS Code : 2915.60
CN Code : 2915.60.19
CAS Number : 25265-77-4
CUS Number : 0011022-5
2,2,4-trimethylpentane-1,3-diol isobutyrate

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