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anti theft label removers or deactivators

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Deactivator for retail security labels - from a deactivator and an alarm device in a housing (dimensions: 57 x 35 x 198 mm), connected by cable to a Antennenpad (dimensions: 354 x 304 x 12 mm) and a power supply (figure attached), - for emitting and receiving signals on a frequency of 7.6 - 8.8 MHz and upon receiving a signal for triggering a magnetic pulse and thereby becomes a de-activation of a acousto-magnetic label - characterizing Main activity - as well as for triggering an acoustic alarm of missed or failed deactivation - activation, - together with mains adapter plug for sale as a package. The deactivator determines the character of the whole. "Electrical apparatus, having individual functions in Chapter 85 listed elsewhere or included intervention - a combination of deactivator identifying main activity and Hörsignalgerät in a functional unit with Antennenpad and power supply in goods collection with no character-defining mains adapter plugs - deactivator for retail security tags"...
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[1]. DE6349/11-1#241872

HTS Code :
The merchandise subject to this ruling is described in your letter as a Red Tag™ de-tagger. You state that the purpose of this de-tagger is to magnetically remove, what is referred to in the DVD sales world, a Red Tag security system. You further state that the Red Tag is inserted through shrink-wrapped DVDs or non-shrink- wrapped DVDs from the side of the box that creates a case and disc- locking mechanism, which cannot be removed without causing damage to the DVD box and the DVD in the box. At the time that a DVD is purchased, the employee (cashier) inserts the DVD/video into the Red Tag™ de-tagger to remove the tag via magnets.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/N009303

HTS Code :
The subject merchandise consists of two models of tag detachers identified as IDKM-1000 and IDKM-1010, Intelligent Super® Tag detacher. According to its “Installation & Programming Guide,” the IDKM detachers enable users to remove standard and Intelligent Super Tag anti-theft tags from merchandise at the point of sale. The detachers include assembly and mounting plates, screens, cables, adapters and a user guide for their independent function as a tag detacher. In addition to removing tags from purchased items, the subject merchandise contain radio frequency identification (“RFID”) antennas. If coupled with a separate RFID reader, the detacher will transmit the RFID information on the tag to the terminal at which the sale is made. The terminal can then cross-reference the information on the hard tag against information obtained by scanning the bar code on the price tag. In addition, the information submitted by the subject tag detacher can generate real-time reports to assist in inventory management.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/H225011

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