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CN Code : 6113.00.10
Vest, so-called Neoprene swimmers vest, in children's size M, photo see attachment, - applied on a printed cardboard hanger according to the application, - made of three-ply surface products of heading 5906 with an outer layer of printed and an inner layer of monochrome knitted fabrics Textile materials and an intermediate layer of apparently cellular rubber (according to the application: neoprene), with a grammage of apparently less than 1500 grams; the knitted fabrics are applied on both sides and thus serve not only the reinforcement, - reaching over the waist (back length: 39 cm), - sleeveless, with wide armholes, - front with a full-length opening with zipper and up to 3 cm wide underride; at the chest level with a hook and loop fastener overlapping from right to left, - at the lower edge of the back, with a sewn fabric strap, which can be placed between the legs and fastened to the bottom of the left front part with a plastic click fastener attached to the strap end; additionally provided with a tubular protective jacket of the aforesaid surface product of heading 5906, - on all edges with knitted edging, - on the inside with eight sewn-on knitted pockets, with internal buoyancy bodies made of cellular plastic, - according to the application does not protect against drowning , but as a buoyancy aid, - according to the application of the European Standard (EN) 13138-1: 2014 for buoyancy aids for swimming learning and thus does not meet the requirements of European Standard (EN) 395 for a faint-proof life jacket (life jacket), thus none Goods of heading 6307, - in terms of their size and appearance, the knitted fabrics of heading 5906 determine the character of the goods vis-à-vis the plastics. "Knitted clothing of heading 5906"
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[1]. DEBTI20112/19-1#647080

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